Climbing Cranes
Climbing Cranes

The Climbing Crane system is “Unique” to Niko.

These systems were developed for the timber industry for lifting and handling large timber roof trusses. They are an ideal lifting solution for buildings with headroom space issues.

Climbing cranes are usually radio controlled for operator ease.

Installation is typically completed in under two days.

Chain Drive Climbing Crane

The climbing crane system is designed to clip directly to a sloping roof beam (up to 15-degree angle). It utilises standard Niko parts with a fixed chain drive designed specifically for this application.

Hoist Lifted Climbing Crane

An alternative to the chain drive climbing crane is the hoist lifted version. In this system the climbing crane bridge is lifted and lowered by a pair of electric chain hoists working in unison.

Monorail Climbing Crane

The single track climbing crane monorail is raised and lowered by an electric chain hoist. It is ideal for straight-line low headroom lifting operations.

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