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Overhead Conveyor

Products include manual overhead conveyor, powered overhead conveyor, monorails, detour system, dipping system, alternative to a power and free overhead conveyor.

Manual Overhead Conveyors

Manual Overhead ConveyorThe advantages of the Niko manual overhead conveyor and monorail systems are:

  • Standard components that are easily adaptable to your own requirements
  • Simple to design
  • Easy to install
  • Economical
  • Wide range of overhead conveyor track sizes and components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Very free running in operation

Modular Design – The Niko manual overhead conveyors are designed to suit any existing working environment and they can be changed or extended at a later date, should production requirements change. The modular nature makes them ideal for jobbing powder-coating lines.

Environmentally Friendly – these manual overhead conveyors have a low carbon footprint with the automated parts using minimal power and the manual parts using none at all.

Storage Space Utilised - Automatic switches change the manual overhead conveyor from a single track to side shifting dual tracks and allow flight bars to be grouped together and utilise storage space.

Accurate, Repeatable Load Positioning - The tapered edges of the Niko profile track ensure that the load carrying trolleys run smoothly, meaning accurate, repetitive load positioning can be achieved throughout the whole manual overhead conveyor.

Integration with Lifting Equipment - The Niko manual overhead conveyor is designed to seamlessly integrate with Niko lightweight overhead cranes and lifting equipment through latching and transfer devices. This reduces the need for manual lifting where an overhead conveyor is loaded and unloaded.

Dipping System

Dipping SystemNiko design and manufacture bespoke dipping systems for surface treatment of products. These dipping systems can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

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Powered Overhead Conveyors

Powered Overhead ConveyorChain Drive Conveyors – Niko supply a chain drive system that integrates fully with their manual overhead conveyor system range of components. This system can be fully automatic to reduce the amount of manual labour.

Localised Powered Travel – As an alternative to fully powered overhead conveyors Niko offer a semi-automatic alternative. This system utilises any manual conveyor system and powers it through ovens, spray booths or any area where manual operation is not practical. This solution is far more cost effective than using fully automatic conveyors.

Niko Detour System

The unique Niko Detour System automatically offloads and reloads any existing powered conveyor system, without stopping it or slowing it down. The Detour System can also be used to link one conveyor system to another via a Detour System and small section of Niko conveyor track.